Roman’s resume

Professional Experience

Senior Scala Developer                                WalMart Labs                        Winter 2015 – Present

  • Wrote dashboard-like user interface for business analysts for predicting product attributes relevancy.
  • Build a massive, scalable, centralized product repository to optimize assortment growth and maximize customer engagement.
  • Optimized Product Assortment by centralizing all Walmart products by using Spark, Hue, Scala and Python


Scala Developer                        LG Electronics SVG                     Summer 2014 – Winter 2015

  • Created cloud-based software solution for LG’s wearable devices, Android devices and TV sets, written in Scala, SprayIO, Akka, Slick. Utilized IntelliJ, Android Studio, Eclipse Luna, XCode, Jira, Confluence, SBT.
  • Wrote highly scalable Scala software solution that integrates 7 million high definition digital images from digital arts providers.
  • Created Android and iOS applications for managing the digital arts. Utilized Scala, Android SDK, and Swift.


Senior Java Developer                                 JStor                           Winter 2012 to Summer 2014

  • Created mission-critical reporting solution that interoperated with the third-party vendor through RESTFul APIs. The front end utilized HTML5, CSS3, extensively used JavaScript, KnockoutJS, Swagger, jQuery. The back end is written in Java, Scala, Spray.IO, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JAX-RS and Swagger API and utilized OpenStack.
  • Created set of critical web applications and dashboards to schedule and run Spark and EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) jobs for content extraction, stored in OpenStack storage. Wrote complex scheduling processes that interfacing with Hadoop, deployed in OpenStack. The user interface was written in HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, and JQuery. The scheduling and backend were written in Java 7.0, MySQL DBMS, DataStax Cassandra, OpenStack, Spring Framework, Swagger, Camel.
  • Helped DevOps team setting up logging and monitoring, continuous integration servers (Jenkins) and code coverage servers (Sonar). Wrote a set of plugins for Jenkins and instrumented Java code extensively. Wrote web-based real-time log monitoring tool for the whole organization to use that provided developers with insights about application layer’s behavior. Utilized JMX, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and knockout.js. Created web-based dashboards for a real-time view of cloud-based instances, defining and starting new cloud instances. Defined monitoring and alerting architecture and escalation process to ensure business continuity by setting PagerDuty, AppDynamics, and NewRelic.
  • Defined what JavaScript framework to use for all dev units at JStor. Wrote public blog that had 1000 unique visitors a day that compares various JavaScript frameworks ( )


Senior Java Developer                                 R.L. Polk                                Winter 2008 – Winter 2012

  • Redesigned the Vehicle Coding Service that improved and streamlined business process and reduced overhead by eliminating third-party vendor fees. Created an integrated Vehicle Coding Application integrated with legacy application for rules authoring, rules validation, rules deployment and exception management.
  • Used Maven, Java, Scala, Jira, Jenkins, Confluence, JUnit, Ext JS, SQL Developer, Oracle 11G.
  • Architected web application for Human Resource department to utilize when they bring new applicants and hire them as employees. That application used such patterns as Model View Controller, Façade, Data Layer, Business Layer, POJOs, AJAX.
  • Created entry form for new applicants, running in iPad by utilizing Sencha Touch framework.
  • Architected HR system into lightweight and manageable jQuery to web services. Led a group of developers in designing usable and intuitive user interface.
  • Used Telerik MVC components, Eclipse, Tomcat, Web Services, Oracle 11G, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JavaScript.
  • Led team of developers to design the Vehicle Coding Service that improved and streamlined business process and reduced overhead by eliminating third-party vendor fees. Wrote code for an integrated Vehicle Coding Application that integrated with various applications.
  • Analyzed very old reporting engine written in VAX Basic and reproduced the solution in Java with the front-end written in Adobe Flex. New software solution achieved 20x speed up and more flexible user interface.
  • Created an intuitive user interface for insurance agents to decode VIN numbers and display meaningful vehicle information. The solution had to be developed in numerous languages such as Java with JavaFX and SWING, C# with WPF, Adobe Flex and HTML5 for different customers to utilize language-specific APIs.
  • Implemented web services to expose sensitive data to the third-party vendor (Chrysler) by utilizing security features of WebLogic. Addition to that used SoapUI, Eclipse, Java.
  • Created number of very complex stored procedures to pull the data for producing 150 key performance indicators. The front end is written by utilizing JSF.
  • Architected a sound technical solution where data extracted from 250 thousand Excel workbooks by employing Apache POI. Additional data retrieved from large, slow and denormalized legacy database (60 Gig). All data is stored into optimized, compressed and fine-tuned cache file that enabled the company to become much more agile. This “Single Source of Truth” immediately increased company’s revenue by 80 million USD and saved 5 million in removing unnecessary data re-processing.
  • Implemented combinatorial optimization multithreaded engine for generating an accurate number of vehicle options. The data presented to automotive intelligence researchers to perform business analytics and create benchmarks against different sets of vehicle’s makes and models.
  • Led a team of 5 developers, both junior and senior level. Responsible for conducting code reviews as well as walkthroughs to establish coding expectations.


Technical Skills


Scala, Java, Python, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, AJAX, JSON, XML, Web Services, RESTFul API, SQL, Swift



Spray, Slick, Akka, sbt, Java EE, Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, TypeSafe Reactive Platform, Android Developer Toolkit, Twitter Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, Play Framework for Scala; Spring Boot and JPA, Hibernate, Maven, Gradle, jQuery, Amazon



Amazon Elastic Cloud, Googe Cloud Platform, Docker, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Apache Solr, DataStax Enterprise, Oracle WebLogic Server, JBoss, Tomcat




Machine Learning, Coursera

Functional Programming Principles in Scala, Coursera

Continuing Education in Computer Science (courses in Software Engineering, User Interfaces) Michigan Engineering, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minsk Polytechnic University