Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions are serverless code functions that run without you having to manage or scale the underlying infrastructure. This makes building them really easy. So let’s build an example. Here’s normal NodeJS function with two parameters – request and response. The incoming requst is automatically parsed for JSON body […]

About Scalding

Scalding is a Scala library. Scalding is easy to work with and reason about the data in distributed systems like Hadoop. It presents the data as a collection and allows to perform the computation on data in a matter that is similar to Scala API, so it appears to the […]

Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017

Tableau published a paper on Top 10 Big Data Trends for 2017 that you can find here: We disagree that speeding up Hadoop as number 1 trend. The author takes the evolutionary approach and not revolutionary one. What needed more and more is the event driven processing. The machinery […]

Installing Scala 2.12 on CentOS

wget tar xvf scala-2.12.0.tgz sudo mv scala-2.12.0 /usr/lib sudo ln -s /usr/lib/scala-2.12.0 /usr/lib/scala export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/scala/bin scala -version

Code Musing

“I am sorry I have had to write you such a long letter, but I did not have time to write you a short one” Pascal, Blaise (1623 – 1662) – French philosopher and mathematician. At the age of 18 he invented the first calculating machine.   So I wonder why […]

What is new in SOLR 6.x

Solr 6 builds on the innovation of Solr 5 obviously. First of all – let’s take a look at what was done in Solr 5. There were improvements for “bin/solr” and “bin/post” – easy to startup Solr, add new documents, more APIs were introduced. The user interface was rewritten in […]

Jewish Calendrical calculations

A well-known mnemonic for calculating days of the week is the Calendar Atbash. An Atbash is a simple cypher where the first letter of the alphabet is replaced by the last, the second by the next to last, and so on. Thus Aleph is replaced by Tof, Beth by Shin […]

About C++ 11

C++ is a very popular language and after 30 years, it’s still widely considered a best choice for many types of projects, including large scale systems and applications coding. If you consider the layers of technology in a computer system as a stack, C++ is used to write code at […]

Best practices in designing RESTful APIs

An affordance is a quality of an object, or an environment, which allows a user to perform an action. You can follow these steps: Identify stakeholders Identify activities Break activities into steps Create API definitions Validate API The following questions should be asked: Can resources exist one without the other? […]

How to set AWS Command Line Interface

pip install awscli Usage The AWS Command Line Interface User Guide walks you through installing and configuring the tool. After that, you can begin making calls to your AWS services from the command line. $ aws ec2 describe-instances … $ aws ec2 start-instances –instance-ids i-1348636c … $ aws sns publish […]